Hot Fudge Spoon Cake

Meet Mr. Fudge Cake.  He’s hot, sweet, delightfully rich, and when he’s gone, you can’t stop thinking about him.  You might just fall head over heels for him.  He’s pretty irresistible.

Happy Friday Y’all.  Oh, did I mention this dessert is a slow cooker recipe??  Yes Ma’am.  You’re welcome.

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Slow Cooker Lasagna

Lasagna is my favorite food.  EVER.  I love it so much that in the fifth grade, when it was my turn to pick the bonus spelling word for the week, I picked the word, “lasagna.” My teacher said, “oh that’s a hard one,”  to which the whole class grumbled and said, “nice goin’ Jamie!!”

Oh well, I now and forever will, know how to spell L-A-S-A-G-N-A.  I like to try all kinds of variations of this delicious comfort food.  Different cheeses, different meat combinations, various tomato sauce recipes… It’s all good to me.

This time I decided to try a slow cooker lasagna.  It’s 19 degrees outside today, I’m staying in cleaning and organizing the house and I can’t think of anything better than to smell lasagna slowing cooking, all day.  And it’s easy to put together!  Just layer everything in the crock pot- no need to cook the noodles!

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“Even a Man Can” Soup

This next recipe comes from my #1 fan, Lori.  Lori and I became friends many years ago while I was the receptionist at my high school during summer school and she was working for the principal.  We hit it off immediately and have been friends ever since!  She is a very fun girl and I love her to death!

The original name to this soup was “dump” soup.  Now, I don’t know, but, I’m pretty sure that using the word “dump,” while referring to food is pretty un-appetizing.  SOOO…. I will affectionately rename it “Even a Man Can” Soup.

The reason it was named “dump” soup, (just to clarify), is because all you have to do is open up a bunch of cans, “dump” them all in a pot, and VOILA!  SOUP!

The soup consists of tomatoes, cream soups, cream corn, shredded chicken, beans, and onions.  It has a nice southwestern flavor and tastes great with a grilled cheese.  Or, a BACON and grilled cheese sandwich.  Oh yes.  Bacon.

I used reduced fat soups and lower sodium tomatoes and beans to make it a bit healthier.  Also, because I’m lazy, I used a rotisserie chicken from the store.  It took me about 5 minutes to put this together and I now have soup for the rest of the week!  Not bad.  Thanks #1 fan LORI!

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Turkey Chili

Well, this year on Sweet Tea and Taters, I’m going to try to incorporate some healthier recipes every now and again.  Don’t worry people… there’s still gonna be plenty of butter involved.  I mean, we can’t have a southern blog without butter, now can we?!

We will start this “health” kick off on a delicious recipe that I make quite often.  Turkey Chili is hearty, meaty, and full of flavor.  It’s a great way to get your veggies in too!  My turkey chili calls for a colored bell pepper as well as a poblano pepper which gives the chili a nice sweetness.  If you are looking for more heat, add more chili powder, leave the poblano seeds in the recipe, or add a dash of cayenne pepper.

By request from some of my readers, I will try to incorporate more nutrition information for my recipes.  This turkey chili only has 251 calories per serving and only 8 grams of fat for one hearty bowl!  Happy healthy eating y’all!

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Hash Brown Quiche

While I was in Texas for Christmas, my parents had an open house brunch for family and friends to come over and meet the newest addition to the family.

Meet Riley!

She is just as sweet at can be.  Of course my mom put me in charge of the food so with a little help from Paula Deen and Pinterest, we came up with a fabulous menu for brunch.  The hit of the brunch was a hash brown crust quiche.

Instead of the usual pastry crust, we used shredded hash browns instead.  The egg part of the quiche comes together very quickly and you can exchange ham for sausage or bacon and add a variety of vegetables.  Of course, you can also change the selection of cheese.

As great as the quiche was, little Riley Roo stole the show!  She brings so much joy to our family and we love her to pieces!

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