Hey Y’all!

Welcome to my blog, “Sweet Tea and Taters!”  I have started this blog with the purpose of providing tips and recipes for entertaining in your home.  As I have moved across the country in the past ten years, I have noticed that people have a general anxiety about having other people in their home!

“What do I cook?”

“I can’t cook anything fancy!”

“What will the menu be for the party I am having next Friday?”

“I don’t have enough money to entertain.”

“I wish my house looked like Pottery Barn but most days it just looks like I live on the funny farm!  I have no time to clean this pig pin up!”

“I don’t have enough seating!”

“I have crazy kids!”

“I can’t afford really good wine!”

These are all common concerns I have heard from people.  I am here to help!  DON’T BE AFRAID!!  Welcoming friends and family into your home should be fun, exciting, and even relaxing.  Practicing hospitality in your home doesn’t have to be perfect, nor break the bank; rather, it’s about the attitude you bring to it.  If you are willing to have a good time and are warm and welcoming to your guests, then your guests will have a wonderful time!

So grab your cup of sweet tea, sit back and stay a while.  Browse through the menu ideas, read the daily entertaining tips, and in no time you will be hosting your own dinner party, movie night, or Super bowl party!

Bon Appetit!