I love finding new products in the grocery store.  Today, I was at my local market,  just wandering around looking at all the pretty packages and the new products they have for fall and guess what I found?!


Raise your hand if you’ve travelled internationally on a jet plane.  I have!  I have!  And when you get in the crowded, hot, stuffy sardine can that passes for a plane and realize that for the next seven hours you will not be able to move your legs you start to lose site of why you took this trip in the first place.  But oh… the silver lining comes when the flight attendant brings your drink and offers you those delicious, caramel-y biscoff cookies.

Now these cookies come in a delicious spread!  And you don’t have to travel to Europe to get it!


Try it on pancakes, waffles, toast, in rice crispie treats or make a batch of peanut butter cookies (only use biscoff instead of peanut butter)!  You will love it.  I promise.